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August 26, 2015

Night People (1954) Trailer

Night People

You have never really seen Gregory Peck until you see him in "Night People".

Night People is a 1954 motion picture drama starring Gregory Peck, Broderick Crawford, Anita Bjork, and Buddy Ebsen, directed by Nunnally Johnson. It was co-written by Jed Harris, a noted theatrical producer.

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November 28, 2014

The Last Bolshevik (1993) Extrait

Le tombeau d'Alexandre

The Last Bolshevik (FrenchLe Tombeau d'Alexandre) is a 1992 French documentary film about director Aleksandr Medvedkin, directed by Chris Marker.

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This documentary tells the story of film director Aleksandr Medvedkin, throughout his life a sincere believer in communism, whose films were repeatedly banned in the Soviet Union. Modern Russian film students express their excitement at seeing his film HAPPINESS for the first time, and his contemporaries shed light on his life and work.Written by George S. Davis <>

November 23, 2014

Rambo III (1988) Trailer

Rambo III

God would have mercy John Rambo won't!

Rambo III is a 1988 American action film.

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The film depicts fictional events during the Soviet war in Afghanistan.


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