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February 08, 2015

Dreamchild (1985) Trailer


Dreamchild is a 1985 British drama film written by Dennis Potter, directed by Gavin Millar and produced by Rick McCallum and Kenith Trodd.

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An elderly Alice (Coral Browne) travels to New York to be a special guest in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Dodgson's birth. Flustered by press and public attention, she begins to call up hidden memories from that period and reflect on her childhood and her friendship with Dodgson (Ian Holm). She has trouble reconciling these memories, and the complex feelings she has toward them, within the bittersweet scope of her memory of her life through time; a life that has lead her to her present state of reflection in her autumnal years. Phantoms of ambivalence and contradiction and nostalgia begin to spill over into her reality and into the reality of the film, as manifestations of characters from Carroll's text (brought to boldly realized life by Jim Henson and his Creature Shop) are conjured up, as the film sifts through her memories and staged scenes from the books.


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