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September 17, 2016

The Dressmaker (2015) Trailer

The Dressmaker

A film about love, revenge and haute couture.

The Dressmaker is a 2015 Australian revenge comedy-drama film directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, based on the novel of the same name by Rosalie Ham. 

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Based on the best-selling novel by Rosalie Ham, THE DRESSMAKER is a bittersweet, comedy-drama set in early 1950s Australia. Tilly Dunnage (KATE WINSLET), a beautiful and talented misfit, after many years working as a dressmaker in exclusive Parisian fashion houses, returns home to the tiny middle-of-nowhere town of Dungatar to right the wrongs of the past. Not only does she reconcile with her ailing, eccentric mother Molly (JUDY DAVIS) and unexpectedly falls in love with the pure-hearted Teddy (LIAM HEMSWORTH), but armed with her sewing machine and incredible sense of style, she transforms the women of the town and in doing so gets sweet revenge on those who did her wrong. 

August 30, 2016

The Light Between Oceans (2016) Trailer

The Light Between Oceans

Love demands everything

The Light Between Oceans is romantic period drama film written and directed by Derek Cianfrance and based on the 2012 novel of the same name by M. L. Stedman. 

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A lighthouse keeper and his wife living off the coast of Western Australia raise a baby they rescue from an adrift rowboat.

August 27, 2016

Lion (2016) Trailer


The search begins

Lion, originally titled A Long Way Home, is drama film directed by Garth Davis and written by Luke Davies, based on the non-fiction book A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley. 

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A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia; 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.

July 14, 2015

Summer Coda (2010)Trailer

Summer Coda

Closure is just the beginning.

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Hitchhiking home to a family she's never known, Heidi meets Michael. In the stunning orange groves of country Australia, they embark on an adventure, discovering their secrets and lives may be better shared.

June 12, 2015

Frog Dreaming (1986) Trailer

Frog Dreaming

An Adventure For The Hero In All Of Us.

Frog Dreaming is a 1986 Australian film starring Henry Thomas and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith who described it as "a charming mystery adventure."

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June 04, 2015

A Few Best Men (2011) Trailer

A Few Best Men

A Few Best Men is a 2011 Australian-British comedy film written by Dean Craig and directed by Stephan Elliott.

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A groom and his three best men travel to the Australian outback for a wedding.

May 12, 2015

Mondays in the Sun (2002) Trailer

 Los lunes al sol

This film is not based on a real story. It is based on thousands.

Mondays in the Sun (Spanish: Los lunes al sol) is a 2002 Spanish film directed by Fernando León de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem.

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Danny Aiello stars as Al McCord|a nice guy who stumbles into a weekend of wacky intrigue when he impulsively gives Ellie (AngelinaJolie) a ride from Los Angeles to the Mojave Desert. Al never expects Ellie to fall in love with him|nor does he expect to fall for her mother Julie (Anne Archer)! When Julie's lunatic boyfriend Boyd (Michael Biehn) shows up|Al gets more action than he ever counted on. Caught in a hilarious web of bizarre events that can only be explained by the bewitching way of the Mojave Moon|Al's life and loves will never be the same.

February 15, 2015

The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) Trailer

The Story of Dr. Wassell

Drama of Loyalty and Love! The Story the Whole World Has Heard About!

The Story of Dr. Wassell is a 1944 American Technicolor World War II film set in the Dutch East Indies, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, and starring Gary Cooper, Laraine Day, Signe Hasso and Dennis O'Keefe.

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January 31, 2015

Tracks (2013) Trailer


Leave everything behind

Tracks is a 2013 Australian drama film directed by John Curran and starring Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver.

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A young woman goes on a 1,700 mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with her four camels and faithful dog.

January 03, 2015

ABBA: The Movie (1977) Trailer

ABBA: The Movie

ABBA: The Movie is a 1977 film about the pop group ABBA's Australian tour.

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Movie detailing ABBA's mega-successful tour of Australia during mid-1977. While it mostly contains back-stage footage and as well as ABBA's famous songs such as "Dancing Queen", "Tiger", "Name Of The Game" and "Eagle" among others sung filmed during their concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, it has the sub-plot of young country and western radio disc-jockey, Ashley, whose boss orders him to have a deep interview with ABBA and the problems he has trying to reach them as he forgets his press pass and ABBA's main bodyguard, (Tom Oliver) is determined to stop him...Written by Lee Horton <>

December 28, 2014

On the Beach (1959) Trailer

On the Beach

On the Beach is a 1959 American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama film, produced and directed by Stanley Kramer, and starring Gregory PeckAva GardnerFred Astaire and Anthony Perkins.

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In 1964, atomic war wipes out humanity in the northern hemisphere; one American submarine finds temporary safe haven in Australia, where life-as-usual covers growing despair. In denial about the loss of his wife and children in the holocaust, American Captain Towers meets careworn but gorgeous Moira Davidson, who begins to fall for him. The sub returns after reconnaissance a month (or less) before the end; will Towers and Moira find comfort with each other? Written by Rod Crawford <>

December 24, 2014

Dogs in Space (1986) Trailer

Dogs in Space

Dogs in Space is a 1986 Australian film set in Melbourne's Little band scene in 1978.

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The film is set in a house occupied by a collection of social misfits. The main storyline is that of a strange musician's relationship with a girl, their drug use and his band. These events are surrounded by a chaotic myriad of sub-plots. A homicidal chainsaw maniac's lust for his machine and a T.V station's offer of money in return for a piece of the Skylab satellite that has fallen to earth are just two. The film is composed of small fragments in the lives of its inhabitants, each following onto the next, sometimes overlapping and ending in tragedy.

December 05, 2014

Pink: The Truth About Love Tour - Live from Melbourne (2013) Trailer

Pink: The Truth About Love Tour - Live from Melbourne

The Truth About Love Tour: Live from Melbourne is the fourth video album by American recording artist Pink.

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The Truth About Love Tour: Live From Melbourne features the jaw-dropping theatrics and acrobatics that P!nk has become renowned for, collaborating with creative partner and show director Larn Poland (who also directed The Funhouse Tour: Live In Australia) to produce a visually stunning stage production that includes pyrotechnics, soaring stunts, and career-spanning hits.

November 03, 2014

The Sapphires (2012) Trailer

The Sapphires

One ambitious manager. Four unknown singers. The tour that put them on
 the charts wasn't even on a map.

The Sapphires is a 2012 Australian musical comedy-drama film produced by Goalpost Pictures and distributed by Hopscotch Films, based on the 2004 stage play of the same name which is loosely based on a true story.

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Inspired by a true story and based on the successful Australian stage musical, The Sapphires follows four vivacious, young and talented Australian Aboriginal girls from a remote mission, as they learn about love, friendship and war when their all girl group, The Sapphires entertain the U.S. troops in Vietnam in 1968. Gail (Deborah Mailman), Julie (Jessica Mauboy) Cynthia (Miranda Tapsell) and Kay (Shari Sebbens) are discovered by Dave (Chris O'Dowd), a good-humored talent scout with a kind heart, very little rhythm, but a great knowledge of Soul Music. As their manager, Dave books the group their first true gig giving them their first taste of stardom, as they travel to Vietnam to sing for the American troops. On this very tour the girls sing up a storm, dodge bullets... and fall in love.

September 26, 2014

Drive Hard (2014) Trailer

Drive Hard

Drive Hard Official Trailer directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring 
Damien Garvey, Christopher Morris, Jesse Spence.

A former race car driver turned driver's training instructor (Jane) is abducted by a mysterious thief (Cusack) and forced to be the wheel-man for a crime that puts both in the sights of the cops and the mob and leads them all on a chase across Australia's Gold Coast. 
Written by Annonymous


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