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July 29, 2016

The Accountant (2016) Trailer

The Accountant

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The Accountant is 2016 American action thriller film directed by Gavin O'Connor and written by Bill Dubuque, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.
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A forensic accountant un-cooks the books for illicit clients.

May 15, 2016

Assassin's Creed (2016) Trailer

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed (marketed as Assassin's Creed: The Movie) is action-adventure film based on the award-winning series of the same name. 

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When Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin, he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society. 


November 21, 2015

Commitment (2013) Trailer


He'll stop at nothing to save her

Commitment (Hangul: 동창생; hanja: 同窓生; RR: Dong-chang-saeng; lit. "Alumnus" or "The Graduate") is a 2013 South Korean spy thriller film starring Choi Seunghyun (also known as T.O.P from the K-pop boyband BIGBANG).

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The son of a North Korean spy decides to follow in his father's footsteps to protect his little sister.

October 07, 2015

Momentum (2015) Trailer


Momentum is 2015 South African-American action thriller film directed by Stephen Campanelli in his directorial debut and written by Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan.

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Alex, a mysterious thief, is pulled in by her former partner for one last heist. She quickly finds it was never just about the diamonds. A brutal murder sparks a cat and mouse chase between Alex and a master assassin. Now she must uncover the lies behind the heist and discover the secrets behind the men who have made her a target.

June 18, 2015

13 Minutes (2015) Trailer

Elser – Er hätte die Welt verändert

13 Minutes (German: Elser – Er hätte die Welt verändert) is a 2014 German drama film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel that portrays the failed Hitler assassin Georg Elser.

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June 06, 2015

Ninja (2009) Trailer


Revenge will rise

Ninja is a 2009 American martial arts/action thriller film directed by Isaac Florentine and starring Scott Adkins, Tsuyoshi Ihara and Mika Hijii.

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A westerner named Casey, studying Ninjutsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Koga Ninja.

April 08, 2015

Survivor (2015) Trailer


His next target is now hunting him

Survivor is American spy thriller film directed by James McTeigue and written by Philip Shelby. 

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After being mysteriously framed for a terrorist bombing, a Foreign Service Officer (Milla Jovovich) must evade government capture and death by a ruthless assassin (Pierce Brosnan) in order to stop the real perpetrators’ master—and much deadlier—plan. SURVIVOR is directed by James McTeigue and also stars Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett and Robert Forster.

February 13, 2015

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) Trailer

Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 is American action thriller film directed by Aleksander Bach and written by Michael Finch, Kyle Ward and Skip Woods.

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HITMAN: AGENT 47 centers on an elite assassin who was genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, and is known only by the last two digits on the barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. He is the culmination of decades of research—and forty-six earlier Agent clones—endowing him with unprecedented strength, speed, stamina and intelligence. His latest target is a mega-corporation that plans to unlock the secret of Agent 47’s past to create an army of killers whose powers surpass even his own. Teaming up with a young woman who may hold the secret to overcoming their powerful and clandestine enemies, 47 confronts stunning revelations about his own origins and squares off in an epic battle with his deadliest foe.

February 07, 2015

Kill Me Three Times (2014) Trailer

Kill Me Three Times

It's Paradise, until everyone gets hurt

Kill Me Three Times (stylized as KILL ME 3X) is a 2014 Australian black comedy thriller film directed by Kriv Stenders.

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A mercurial assassin (Simon Pegg) discovers he isn't the only person trying to kill the siren (Alice Braga) of a sun-drenched surfing town. In this darkly comedic thriller, the hitman finds himself unravelling three tales of mayhem, murder, blackmail and revenge.

January 29, 2015

Masquerade (2012) Trailer

Gwanghae, Wangyidoen namja

The kingdom in the hand of a layman for 15 days.

Masquerade (Hangul광해: 왕이 된 남자hanja이 된 RRGwanghae: Wang-i Doen Namja; lit. Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King) is a 2012 South Korean historical film starring Lee Byung-hun in dual roles as the bizarre King Gwanghae and the humble acrobat Ha-sun, who stands in for the monarch when he faces the threat of being poisoned.

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Amid national chaos and fear for his life, tyrannical King Gwanghae orders his trusted councilor Heo Kyun to find a royal body double. He hires Ha-seon, a peasant mimic who bears a perfect resemblance to the King. When King Gwanghae collapses from a mysterious poison, Ha-seon reluctantly becomes a King. He must follow his conscience to save his country from collapse, avoid assassination, and pull off the biggest masquerade in history. K Written by CJ Entertainment

January 27, 2015

The American (2010) Trailer

The American

 George Clooney is

The American is a 2010 American thriller film directed by Anton Corbijn and starring George ClooneyThekla ReutenViolante PlacidoIrina Björklund, and Paolo Bonacelli.

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Academy Award-winner George Clooney stars as an assassin who hides out in an idyllic Italian town, performing one last hit before leaving the death trade.

January 23, 2015

Everly (2014) Trailer


Everly is a 2014 American action thriller film directed by Joe Lynch and written by Yale Hannon.

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An action/thriller centered on a woman who faces down assassins sent by her ex, a mob boss, while holed up in her apartment.

January 17, 2015

Assassins (1995) Trailer


Who lives and Who Dies?

Assassins is a 1995 American action thriller film directed and produced by Richard Donner, written by Andy and Lana Wachowski and also rewritten by Brian Helgeland.

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Robert Rath is a seasoned hitman who just wants out of the business with no back talk. But, as things go, it ain't so easy. A younger, peppier assassin named Bain is having a field day trying to kill said older assassin. Rath teams up with a computer hacker named Electra to defeat the obsessed Bain.

December 22, 2014

Robo-geisha (2009) Trailer


RoboGeisha (ロボゲイシャ) is a 2009 Japanese sci-fi action B movie written and directed by Noboru Iguchi, visual effects directed by Tsuyoshi Kazuno, and special effects directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura.

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Yoshie, the younger and ill-treated sister of a renowned Geisha, is discovered to have natural strength and fighting ability. She's recruited into an army of Geisha assassins by the rich and powerful owner of a steel-works, Kageno. During training large (and interesting) parts of their bodies are altered into weaponry directly linked to their brains. Yoshie soon realizes that Kagenos real plan is to have his robotic castle throw a new and very powerful nuclear bomb into the centre of Fuji-san, effectively destroying Japan entirely. With the help of other 'Kageno defectors', she sets out to stop him and his Tengu warriors. Written by

November 20, 2014

The Interview (2014) Trailer

The Interview

The Interview is an upcoming 2014 American action comedy film directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen from a screenplay by Dan Sterling.

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Talk-show host Dave Skylark and his producer, Aaron Rapoport, score an interview with Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea. But when the CIA asks them to kill Kim,they become the least qualified men to ever assassinate.

October 20, 2014

Mercury Rising (1998) Trailer

Mercury Rising

 Someone knows too much.

Mercury Rising is a 1998 American action thriller film starring Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin.

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Art Jeffries, a renegade FBI agent, combats ruthless Federal agents to protect Simon, a nine-year-old autistic boy who has cracked the government's new "unbreakable" code. He can read MERCURY, the most advanced encryption code, as easily as other kids read English. This ability renders the new billion-dollar secret code vulnerable, especially if enemies of the United States should learn of Simon's abilities and capture him. Program Chief Nick Kudrow orders the "security threat" eliminated, but Kudrow hasn't counted on Jeffries getting involved. As they are trailed by deadly assassins, Jeffries quickly realizes that no one can be trusted. Now time is running out and he discovers his only hope of survival is using Simon's special ability to bring their adversaries to justice.


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