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July 17, 2015

The Fish Child (2009) Trailer

El niño pez

The Fish Child (Spanish: El niño pez) is a 2009 Argentine drama film directed by Lucía Puenzo.

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Lala, a teenager from the most exclusive suburban neighborhood in Argentina is in love with Guayi, the 20-year-old Paraguayan maid working at her place. They dream of living together in Paraguay, at the shores of lake Ypoá. They rob every purse and wallet in the house to fulfill their dream, hiding the money in a shoe box. But when the box is full, it bursts, fueled by desire, jealousy and rage. This is the starting point that spurs the escape through the highway that connects the North of Buenos Aires with Paraguay. While Lala waits to be reunited with her lover in Ypoá by reconstructing her past (the mystery surrounding her pregnancy and the legend of a fish child who guides the drowned to the bottom of the lake), Guayi is detained in a minors institute in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. She turns out to be hiding a crime from long ago.


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