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July 29, 2015

Qualquer Gato Vira-Lata (2011) Trailer

Qualquer Gato Vira-Lata

Qualquer Gato Vira-Lata (lit. "Any Stray Cat") is a 2011 Brazilian romantic comedy film directed by Tomas Portella.

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In Rio de Janeiro, Tati (Cléo Pires) meets her boyfriend Marcelo (Dudu Azevedo) on his birthday and he breaks-up with her, claiming that she is not romantic.
An unbalanced Tati enters the class of the biologist Conrado (Malvino Salvador) and hears his lesson about evolution, where he tells that modern women have destroyed years of evolution with their attitudes and lack of romanticism.
Later, Tati meets Conrado on the street and offers to work with him in his thesis. Conrado teaches Tati the correct behavior of a woman and how to seduce her mate.
Meanwhile Marcelo feels jealous about Conrado, who feels attracted by Tati and learns that his theory is not correct. A love triangle is formed.*Wikipedia*


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