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November 12, 2018

UglyDolls (2019) Trailer


movie poster 2019
UglyDolls is 2019 American computer-animated jukebox musical comedy film directed by Kelly Asbury, produced by Robert Rodriguez through his production company, Troublemaker Studios, and written by Blaise Hemingway, Erica Rivinoja, and Larry Stuckey. 

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An animated adventure in which the free-spirited UglyDolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with a desire to be loved, and ultimately discover who you truly are is what matters most.

November 14, 2016

Goat (2016) Trailer


Cruelty. Brutality. Fraternity.

Goat is a 2016 American drama film directed by Andrew Neel and written by David Gordon Green, Neel and Mike Roberts.

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Reeling from a terrifying assault, a 19 year-old enrolls into college with his brother and pledges the same fraternity. What happens there, in the name of "brotherhood," tests him and his loyalty to his brother in brutal ways.


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