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April 11, 2015

I Can't Sleep (1994) Scene

J'ai pas sommeil

I Can't Sleep (French: J'ai pas sommeil) is a 1994 French drama film written and directed by Claire Denis.

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Trouble Every Day (2001) Trailer

Trouble Every Day

 The ability to love. The inability to love... The hunger to love. 

Trouble Every Day is a 2001 French erotic horror film directed by Claire Denis and written by Denis and Jean-Pol Fargeau.

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Shane and June Brown are an American tourist couple holidaying in Paris. Gradually, June becomes aware that Shane is visiting a mysterious clinic and decides to investigate it herself, although ambivalent about the merits of her fraying marriage. The resident doctor, Leo, has a similarly ambiguous relationship with Core, his wife, whom he keeps secluded from the clinic's clients...until Shane encounters her, one day, and finds the tools to possibly restore his marriage to June.


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