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June 18, 2015

Aroused (2013) Trailer


Aroused is a 2013 feature length documentary film directed by the photographer Deborah Anderson, in her directorial debut.

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Get up close and personal with 16 of the most successful women in the adult film industry as they shed their clothes for an intimate photo shoot with director Deborah Anderson. As questions are asked, personal stories about their lives are revealed, from why they chose the business of sex to how they got into it in the first place. These porn stars have always been discreet about their private lives in the past, yet Anderson has a way of opening up a dialog allowing them to share more than just their naked skin on screen. Their true inner vulnerability is touching, yet the characters they have created are confident and intoxicating. Once you hear their stories, you'll never look at them in the same way again.

November 11, 2014

Thinking XXX (2004) Trailer

Thinking XXX

Thinking XXX is a 2004 documentary television film about the process photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders went through to create his book XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits.

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For a book project, photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders took photographs of 30 stars of adult movies, each pair of photographs in the same pose, clothed and nude. This film records the photo shoots and includes interviews with the performers and commentary from eight writers (and John Waters). The actors and writers discuss economics, nudity and exhibitionism, careers, and private lives. Written by <>


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