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December 09, 2014

My Teacher's Wife (1999) Trailer

My Teacher's Wife

 Todd Boomer is embracing his homework like never before!

My Teacher's Wife is an 1999 teen sex comedy film directed by Bruce Leddy, and written by Seth Greenland. Originally titled "Bad With Numbers," the story follows the travails of Southport High School senior Todd Boomer (Jason London) whose lifelong dream of going to Harvard is derailed by his hard-nosed calculus teacher Mr. Mueller (Christopher McDonald). 

Watch the Trailer!

Todd Boomer's carefully laid plans to attend Harvard are about to be crushed by his tyrannical calculus teacher unless he can somehow pull off a major miracle. When an incredibly gorgeous tutor named Vicki walks into Todd's life, more than his math prayers are answered. Unexpectedly, Todd and Vicki get caught up in a romance that becomes more complex than any equation. When Todd learns Vicki happens to be the wife of his nemesis math teacher, his Harvard education suddenly hangs in the balance.


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