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January 25, 2015

The IBUR Connection (2014) Trailer

The IBUR Connection

 A Film About Miracles

Watch the Trailer!

The IBUR Connection is a film about miracles. It was filmed in Israel, the West Bank, Morocco, Ukraine, and Poland. It is a historical spiritual road trip told from the tombs of Saints and Prophets. At the tombs of the Saints, there is an energy known as an IBUR. When the pilgrims go to visit the Saints at their tombs and ask for miracles, the IBUR helps to make the miracles come true. While the film primarily covers Hebrew Saints, known as Tzadikim, it uses several opportunities to highlight the commonality of the three Abrahamic traditions. Its does so when visiting several sites that are holy to Christians, such as the tomb of Jesus, as well as the third most holy site in Islam, the Temple Mount/Holy Sanctuary and the Arab section of the Tomb of the Patriarchs. It also tours Morocco, a country that is entirely Muslim. In Israel/West Bank, the film groups the Saints according to the four energy centers: Fire (Jerusalem), Water (Tiberius), Air (Tzfat), and Earth (Hebron). In Eastern ... Written by digiota STUDIOS


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