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October 04, 2014

A Buddha (2005) Trailer

Un Buda

a journey of discovery, with love

Watch the Trailer!

Tomas , torn apart by the disappearance of his father by the military in Argentina's Dirty War, can't find his
 place in the world so he distances himself from his familiar surroundings and takes refuge in Buddhist
 doctrines that his father practiced. His loss and disillusionment lead him to withdraw within himself 
and into ascetic spiritual practices. He travels to a Zen temple in search of a spiritual master in the 
mountains of Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentiina. His brother, a philosophy professor at the 
University of Buenos Aires, and his girlfriend, a young actress, are his companions on this journey.
 Un Buda, directed by Rafecas, filmmaker and Zen master, is an original treatment of opposing 
concepts such as the earthly and the divine, rationalism and mysticism, and the point of
 contact between East and West in the quest for one's identity.


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